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911 Tech Repair Company

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TECH SUPPORT HOT LINE      224-735-2659

Laptop Computer Repair

We can repair any type of laptop computer problem on all makes and models!

80% of Laptop Computers are repaired in 2 business days!

15% of Laptop Computers are repaired in 3-4 business days!

5% of Laptop Computers are repaired in 1-2 weeks! (depends on parts which need to be ordered)

Our Services include:

Software and hardware Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
DC Power Jacks, Motherboards, LCD Screens
Water/Liquid Damage Treartment and Repair
Hard Drive Testing and/or Replacement
Virus Removal and Spyware Removal
Keyboard Replacement
Data Recovery
Cooling Fan Replacement
Operating System Reloads
Motherboard Replacement

Example Repair Pricing

Virus Removal     $99+
Touchpad Replacement     $139+
Data Transfer     $89+
Memory Upgrade     $89+
Fan Replacement (w/Fan)     $139+
Water Damage     $199+
Motherboard Repair     $189+
Keyboard Replacement     $119+
Screen Replacement     $149+
Hing Repair  $119+
OS Reinstall     $139+

Diagnostic Fee / Bench Fee is $69. The Diagnostic Fee / Bench Fee will be applied towards any labor or part charges. We will dignose the problem(s) with your laptop computer and provide you with a total cost of parts and labor.



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Diagnostic Fee/Bench Fee is $69. The Diagnostic Fee / Bench Fee will be applied towards any l..