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Certified Level 3 TechniciansCertified Apple Techs

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iPad Repair

iPad RepairExpert iPad Repair for Consumers, Healthcare, Education and Businesses

Mail In Repair is the #1 repair company for iPad repair. Our primary markets are Consumers (Individuals), Healthcare (Medical), Schools (Education) and Businesses. Whether you have 1 iPad to be repaired or in bulk - we are equipped to handle any size order. We will typically have your iPad(s) repaired within 24 hours upon receipt.

iPad Repair Models and Repair Types

Our iPad Mail In Repair Team repairs all types of problems like: Screen/Glass, Digitizer, LCD, Camera Problems, Physical Damage, Microphone & Speaker Problems, Charging/Battery Problems, etc.  Some of the iPad models we repair include: iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini

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