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Battery Problem Mail In Replacement Repair Service for LG G Flex

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Battery Problem Mail In Replacement Repair Service for LG G Flex
Brand: L G
Product Code: LG-G-FLEX-BAT
Availability: Repaired in 24-48 Hours
Price: $0.00


* When ordering, please describe the problem:


Get your LG G Flex Battery replacement repaired with our award winning Mail In Repair Service.


  • Battery will not charge
  • Battery barely holds a charge
  • Phone does things like turn off and restart
  • Says it has a charge, but it does not.
  • Press power button and nothing happens.
  • 100% Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Your data is kept completely confidential
  • We use highest quality OEM and aftermarket parts available in the industry, always!
  • 24/48 Hour Repair Service upon receipt of your device*
  • Customer Hotline
  • Online Tracking and Helpdesk Support
  • USPS Priority Mail with Tracking
  • Easy mail in repair instructions provided upon checkout

Note: May take longer due to part shortages or other complications